Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fun weekend

This weekend the girls in the family headed to the Little America for an overnight stay! We met at the hotel, rode trax to Gateway, ate dinner at Rumbi and did some shopping. We got hot chocolate and a cookie at a yummy cookie place before getting back on trax to return to the hotel. Then we enjoyed some hot tub time before going to bed.

The next morning we enjoyed the breakfast buffet and it is delish! So many choices that there is no way you can leave hungry or unhappy!

I should have had Nat sit on the end! If you didn't know I was pregnant, well here is evidence!

After breakfast we headed to Modern Display and trolley square for a bit more shopping before heading home. It was so fun and we decided we need to make it a tradition! Thanks to my sweet husband for spending some quality time with Molly so I could have some girl time!

Saturday night our plans fell through but we made up for it. After putting Molly to bed we watched the movie Elf while making a faux headboard! I got the idea from my friend Sydnie. It was pretty inexpensive and didn't take too much time.

Molly saying "ta da!"

Sydnie's blog has all the instructions, so I decided to be lazy and not show you how we did it. But essentially you get some wood, cover it first with the thickest batting you can find (staple gun it), cover that with home decor fabric, then add nailhead trim! Viola you're done!


Karen said...

I totally need a girls weekend with my sisters right about now! It looks like you had fun. And I think you've popped a little since I've seen you last!

Christine said...

Umm, I for one want to see many more pictures of your belly! I can't believe you are almost 30 weeks. Hooray.

Brett & Sydnie said...

The headboard turned out great! I like the color you picked. Awesome job!

Jen said...

Wow great job! I love your necklace holder too. Yay for little pregnant bellies:)

Melissa said...

Fun! We need to do more stuff like that with my sisters! How fun. You have inspired me. I just need to pull myself together first. =0) March come quickly!! =)

Tyler and Emily said...

so fun! I want to do that with my mom and sisters! What a good idea!

Niederfam said...

NICE!!!!!!! Great job!!!