Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Weekend in WY/ID

Congrats, Mark and Ashley! The happy couple was married Friday, Dec. 18th in the Rexburg, ID temple.

Molly was obsessed with Ashley! She wanted to be held by her all day-during pictures, at the luncheon and at the reception. We had to apologize to Ashley because we felt so bad!

the luncheon
the cake
The three of us
Molly and Laney had fun playing together when Molly was nice and wanted to share!

After the reception we headed back to Justin's parents home in Star Valley and stayed a few days there.

Molly loved this bell that sang a Xmas song.

We made chocolate dipped pretzels! Yummy!

And Justin's mom convinced him and Brad to make a snowman in the yard. We took Molly to see the elk nearby, relaxed and watched a bunch of Christmas movies. We had a fun time!


erinmalia said...

okay. i have NO idea who the happy couple is, but it has to be justin's brother because they look so much alike! fun times. and don't little girls always love brides? i think it's a rule.

galbraithfam said...

So fun!! Molly and Laney's little dresses are SOOOOO cute! It looked like a fun weekend--We'll be doing the same thing in about a week and a half. Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow! Glad you're home and safe!

Christine said...

that snowman doesn't even look real!

Anonymous said...

great pictures... and tell Justin, great snowman. I didn't know he had that artistic ability in him!

Jill said...

MMmm chocolate pretzels yummy. You don't even look prenant. Merry christmas, we really apreciated your card. Love ya

Niederfam said...

I know the snowman looks like a cut-out---SERIOUSLY. Cute couple, cute family, cute little girls and gold dresses, and you still don't even look pregnant!!! It's really not fair!!!