Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! We had a family party on the 23rd with a nice big dinner and for the first time we had the grandkids act out the nativity. I didn't take any pics with my camera, but the kids were pretty cute. Molly was Mary and she wanted to hold the baby Jesus, but she didn't want to put the baby in the manger...oh well! They lasted just a few minutes, but they sure looked cute in their costumes.Shay, Major, Mitt, Lexie and Molly in the pjs grandma got for them
what cute girls!
with Grandma and Grandpa
the girls with Great Grandpa. Molly for some reason is afraid of grandpa, so this was as close as she would get.
The stockings all finished. I love how they turned out. My mom's friend finished them for me and they are just beautiful! One more to do next year now.
Molly didn't really get that Santa brings presents, but she would open gifts when we told her to and she of course liked it!

these are a bunch of barn yard animals
me opening up some soft pjs!
I decided to share this one of Justin because maybe it will encourage him to not be such a goofball in pics!
pots and pans

We were seriously spoiled this year (like every year really, right?). A couple of gifts that I was really excited about were some new gingher sewing scissors (mine have been used on everything and are so useless) and a box of 20 spools of thread in all different colors. Those are really basic things, but they will come in handy! I also got an adorable diaper bag from my in-laws and I know it will get its use soon. Justin pretty much got clothes, which was what he needed.

We were lucky to have all of the family over on Christmas at some point in the day and a group of us went to see Sherlock Holmes that night. We liked it! It was different than your average movie and I thought all of the main actors did a really good job.


emily said...

oh it looks like fun at your house. :) the kiddos are all so adorable in their PJs.

and my kids are usually scared of grandpa. even my 5 year-old. they warmed up a little this year, but the man is old and i think that is pretty scary to little kids. :) she did well to sit so close!

Karen said...

So cute. I'm glad you guys had a good Christmas. I've been wondering what Brooke will be like next year, so now I have some sort of idea.

Niederfam said... got some CUTE pictures. It was QUITE a celebration. Can't wait to "craft" tomorrow!!! ;)

Christine said...

Looks like a great Christmas. We are all so stinkin' spoiled!

Jen said...

yeah! so fun! I LOVE your stockings! Finished just in time:) We've been debating seeing we'll have to go see it too!

Sunny said...

Adorable stockings! Oh if only I could be as fantastic as you...