Tuesday, September 7, 2010


We love birthdays! We got to celebrate (Molly's cousin) Laney's birthday this weekend. She turned 2! We had a fun bbq with the family (both sides).

Molly was loving all of Laney's toys! They set up a little picnic table for the kids and she brought out a bunch of play food.

Aren't other people's toys so fun?!

And of course she was helping Laney fold her arms for the prayer! Such a great helper! :)

Aunt Ashley holding Alison

Birthday girl!

One thing the girls really enjoyed was when they turned on some music from the record player! We heard some 50's music and grandma and grandpa were dancing with the girls and they loved it! We had a hard time convincing Molly that we needed to leave after that.

Happy Birthday Laners! We love you!

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