Monday, September 13, 2010

Skirts and dresses

I saw the cutest corduroy fabric at the store and knew I had to have some! I used Dana's tutorial, the market skirt, to make a skirt for Molly. I'm giving it to her for her birthday and since she doesn't check my blog too often, I thought it'd be safe to post pics here in advance.

It's cute, isn't it?! I just love the fabric. It's corduroy, by the way, but it's a thin corduroy.

Also, I made a dress for Molly a month or so ago but never took any pics, so I made sure I did when she wore it yesterday.

The pattern is Retro Mae by Jane Mckinlay Cluff.

Molly's cousin Major was interested in the photo op too.

They did this profile shot on their own.

And Molly thought of this pose herself. Sorry, I didn't think of getting a pic of the back...whoops!

Molly had so much fun playing with "Majey" this weekend! They really played quite well together, which was so nice!

They even had a horsey ride!


Karen said...

You never cease to amaze me! I wish I had your kind of talent. The corduroy skirt is darling! And when Bryce gives rides on his back it's more like a camel ride than a horsey ride! :)

erinmalia said...

i love that corduroy! now if only i had a little girl to share this with. ha.

Christine said...


Brooke said...

So cute! Molly's quite the little model!

Sunny said...

Ya know, you make me sick with all your sewing abilities! J/K and sorry, I am working on getting back to you about that text, sorry I'm slow...

Cami Jo said...

Just had to say how super cute your girls are and how impressed I am of all your crafty things!