Sunday, December 12, 2010

11 months

Little Alison is 11 months old! Wow, it is crazy how fast the time goes! She is always such a happy girl! She loves to hear herself talk and loves to watch her sister Molly. She loves to cuddle up to her little bunny blanket and anything soft.

She has such a cute little round face and it's impossible to not want to kiss her cheeks all day long!

This past week she has finally learned to crawl FORWARD! She has been crawling backwards for a couple of months, but finally figured out how fun it can be to go forward!!

So let the fun begin!

Time to baby proof again!


emily said...

oh my goodness she is big and adorable! what a sweetie. i love that she has been crawling backwards for a while - so funny! :)

Christine said...

She looks like such a little lady in that first picture.

I am now in the baby proofing mode too.

Wendy said...

11 months already?! It seems like I was just reading about her time in the NICU! Crazy! She really is so adorable and I love her sweet little cheeks too!