Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas with the Pendleton's

Starting out with Christmas Eve...

We had a nice little program with songs, the Christmas story, and more songs! Molly and Grandma Shelley sang, "Santa Baby". Molly heard the song on the radio and really liked it (ha ha, don't really know why, but we think it's funny!). Anyway, Shelley is hilarious and likes to sing parts of the song around the holidays, so we had her print out the lyrics and sing it with Molly!

Check out the view from our room upstairs! This is what happens when you have 5 kids, 4 sons/daughter in law, and a bunch of grandkids all coming for Christmas! Yikes! And I should say that Shelley decorates a BEAUTIFUL Christmas tree!

Christmas Day

Ali liked the packaging. She was trying to grab at the tags on the gifts!

A great toy from Uncle Brad. All of the girls were playing with it (there are 6 granddaughters. Molly is oldest at 3!)

Kyle, Sunny and the triplets opening some gifts.

Molly opening presents

Justin and I got Molly some littlest petshop animals with a house. I found the house at Savers a few months ago for $6 and figured it would make a great gift! I just washed it off and it looked close to new! I found the animals at TJ Maxx in a big pack!

Enjoying the house!

I got a dutch oven pot from Val and Shelley

All of the boys opened kindles!! Lucky for me, Justin is in school and reading plenty of his own books, so he basically handed it over to me! Yay! I've already downloaded a bunch of free books! These are pretty fun :)

The triplets weren't quite into the gifts as much as the boxes and ribbons!

Shelley opening our gift. She also got a kindle and I made her a kindle cover. I found the tutorial here at The Polka Dot Chair.

I think it turned out pretty cute!

Grandma and grandpa got Molly an ariel costume :)

Shelley made all of the girls a cookbook with all of her favorite recipes! My SIL Sunny typed up all of the recipes while pregnant with triplets. It was a ton of work and I am so excited about it! She also got us a cute stand to hold the book.

Ali opening up a cute dress from grandma and grandpa

I made a calendar for Justin with pictures of our family for his desk at work!

Mark and Ashley brought their little yorkie dog, Bentley. Ali LOVED him!! She would always try to crawl and get to him and pet him! She would get so excited!

Here she is jumping up and down watching the dog!!

Laney and Molly in their beautiful Belle dresses!! Santa brought Molly's. The girls were so cute in them.

Even with matching shoes and a crown! Nice work, Santa!

Ok then last minute I decided to make some rings for all of the girls (my sils and my mil). I didn't have time to finish before I left, so I just took the stuff. They were so simple. I bought the rings just plain from Hobby Lobby, glued on a piece of felt, then made little fabric rosettes with different scraps I had. Then I left everyone choose!

The one on the far left is the last one I made. I decided to make it a bit looser. I think they all are pretty cute, but I like the look of the last one I made best, probably! You always go through a few before you figure out a better way, right? I gave that one to my mil since that was the only one like it.

Easy, cheap and cute!

Grandma and grandpa gave all of their granddaughters these cute matching jammies! And Scott and Brooke have granddaughter #7 on the way! We can't seem to get any boys!

Ok so Ali and I don't really look awesome, but Justin and Molly look cute!

The day after Christmas, we were the first ones up and they have a huge window above their front door. Well I could see it was a gorgeous sunrise, don't ya think?!

My SIL, Sunny, was in charge of a craft for the girls. She sent us an email beforehand and told us we were going to make yarn wreaths. She sent us a few links and then we brought up some yarn and my MIL supplied a bunch of the other supplies (thanks Shelley!!).

More of the wreaths to come in a separate post.


galbraithfam said...

What a fun post!! It made me quite homesick for all of you guys! Molly looked so darn cute in her dressups and it's so cute Ali loved the dog! That's how Shay is with animals.:) Those rings are darling--but um those wreaths are AMAZING! Loving the one you made! Might have to copy it--Wouldn't it look fabulous somewhere in my new house? Looking forward to the tutorial:) Miss you!

Christine said...

who needs boys when your girls are all so cute! What fun presents and fun to be together. Hooray for LPS!

Niederfam said...

SO cute and SO busy and SO fun!!! But we missed you!!! ;)