Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas with the Galbraiths

Warning: lots and lots of pictures! But I figured I'd get it done all in one post! And Molly isn't even awake yet! Thanks so much to Ali for waking up at 6 am so I could get started on my to do list today ;) (no sarcasm there obviously!)

Galbraith Family Christmas party 2010

The table was set beautifully

Sibling gifts were exchanged (we won't be here for Xmas and Emily may be in labor)

The kids all got a small gift and got to play the hot and cold game to find the gift

Strawberry Shortcake, a definite hit

Everyone, except Ryan and Becky and the girls! We missed you guys!!

And I didn't forget grandpa and Justin

Snowman cookies with grandma

The kids (minus sleeping Emery and Alison) wearing the Xmas jammies from grandma and grandpa
Mitt requested a silly pic. Here it is.

Maybe Emily's last picture pre-baby Elise? You still look cute Em! Good for you!!

Christmas Gifts from my parents

We opened our gifts yesterday from my parents since we leave today for a WY Christmas.

Molly received a Lala Loopsy doll! Isn't she cute? Molly was THRILLED! She told my dad, "I wanted a doll!" What a fun age for Christmas this year! She finally gets the whole Santa and presents thing.

Hugs all around for receiving such a great gift!

I love this picture. It's so adorable and with my mom in the background :)

After giving her a kiss
Ha ha. Justin opened a pizza pan. Kind of silly you might say, but he borrows my mom's pan a lot and she figured we should get another one (we do already have one!). Justin also got a shirt and Christmas cash.

Molly got some darling shoes

And cute Ali bug got some great things too. Some stacking bowls for the bath. Notice Molly's grip of Ali's hair her. This is a 50 time occurrence at our house each day. I think I tell Molly 10 times a day to NOT TOUCH HER HEAD!

And some cute black shoes

Some princess slippers!

I got a pair of jeans and a shirt. This is me opening a special gift from my dad. Notice him smiling on the side of the picture. This paper is good for one blizzard of my request from my dad. A little background, when Emily and I were younger, my dad would often take us to get blizzards. Sometimes it was for the rest of the family too, but often just the three of us. It was a fun thing we did and well, we love ice cream!! Thanks for the sweet gift, dad!

We are so so spoiled!! Thanks mom and dad for making everything so beautiful and fun for us!


Niederfam said...

Looks like a VERY merry pre christmas indeed!!! kinda fun to spread it into a WHOLE week instead of a day, right?? glad you were spoiled!!!

Christine said...

what fun. Emily's tummy looks so cute!