Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Happenings

We headed up to WY for Easter and had a great time. We left on Thursday and came home Sunday. We mainly just hung out and relaxed and enjoyed spending time with family. Saturday we missed one egg hunt but luckily there was another one in a nearby town.

 This is Alpine, WY. Did I mention it was 24 degrees?! The sign on their door says Easter Egg Hunt: rain, snow, mud or shine! No kidding!

 Ali found a couple eggs!

 Getting ready for the hunt to begin!
 We actually had to convince Molly to pick up eggs. It was so cold! You can't blame her for wanting to keep her hands warm!

 Grandma and grandpa were there to help.

Later that afternoon we had our own egg hunt and the Easter Bunny stopped by! Sunday we had early church and were planning on leaving soon after, so it was nice to have an extra day.

 Justin's brothers, Mark and Brad, even helped out!

 I'm not sure she has enough eggs. What do you think?!

 Her loot. Um, I know, it's bad. We needed some cousins or somebody else to help out!

 Ali found a few too!

 Everyone helping out.

 Ooohhh!! Easter bunny left some good stuff!

 My MIL and I went to a little consignment shop and the owner gave us a huge garbage bag full of toys she was going to throw away. We saw this princess castle sitting on top and were happy she gave us the entire bag for free!!

 Ali actually played with the castle. She doesn't always play a ton with toys because she can't always quite figure out what to do, but she sat and played for a long time with this! We were impressed!

 Easter dresses. When I first bought this cute dress for Ali, I happened to notice they had one in Molly's size. I went back the next day and bought one for her. They are just too cute! And even though it was more than I would ever normally pay, I figured once in a great while you can splurge, right? They look like little princesses to me.

 Keep in mind that two days before Molly was running in her slippers on the hard tile floor and slipped and fell right on her forehead and got a HUGE goose egg!! We felt so bad! Luckily it went down the next day, but it's pretty bruised now.

 I had fun making matching bows.

 Too bad I only had a few minutes and couldn't get a picture with both looking. But we all know that's not always easy!

 Sweet Alison.

Check out the curls in back! We're wondering if she might have some curly hair...??

Most importantly, as this time we are so grateful for the Savior. Hope you had a wonderful Easter.


Wendy said...

Cute dresses!!! And I love the bows you made. Molly's hair is so long and pretty!

erinmalia said...

it does look soooo cold there. sheesh. good thing easter wasn't in march this year!

those dresses are adorable. splurge away.

emily said...

brrrrr, what a cold easter holiday! but still looks like you made the most of it and had fun.

your girls looked beautiful in their dresses! so sweet. the little couch/chair thing was the perfect setting/sitting for them, too. too cute.

galbraithfam said...

Seriously fun post! The girls look DARLING! I LOVE the bows you made the match their ridiculously darling dresses! We wish we could have been there to help out with the egg hunt--but it looks like Molly handled it pretty well by herself..:) Miss you guys! Love you!

Christine said...

That hunt looked freezing! The easter bunny sure did bring some good things. Love those matching bows. So cute.

Meg said...

LOVE their dresses. They look adorable.

Niederfam said...

They are so cute, as always and BRRR...I would have kept my hands in my pockets too!!

LOVE that you got the princess castle for FREE....nicely done.

You KNOW I love the dresses and Janie and Jack, just not the prices!!! ;)

Sorry we missed you for our Easter feast, next time!!