Monday, April 18, 2011

It's something

I've been a bit bummed lately that I haven't been able to sew like I would like to. The primary reason is that we moved Ali's crib into the same large, open room where my sewing machine is. She is the LIGHTEST sleeper! I didn't think babies could be light sleepers but well, I was wrong! Good and bad is that she goes to bed for the night at 6:30 pm. That's obviously nice, right? But early to bed, early to rise is how the saying goes and yes, it applies here too! She wakes up between 6:30 and 7 am. I realize to many that's not early, but for me, it is! Especially when Molly sleeps (or would sleep) til 7:30 or 8 am. With nap time and bed time, there isn't a ton of extra time to sew.

That being said, we finally moved her crib back into the room with Molly since she's gotten over being sick and waking up randomly at night.

It's not much, but I found some cute houndstooth fabric at the quilt store the other day and had to buy a fat quarter. I didn't know what I would do with it, but then I remembered that I wanted to make a checkbook cover. Kinda lame, I know! But my cover is this really ugly brown. So I thought this cute fabric would spice it up and make me smile while spending my money :)

The ugly cover I was telling you about

It fits!
Now I will be honest and tell you that yes, I was lazy enough to look up a tutorial just because I can. (Isn't that what google's for?) However once I finished this simple and quick project, my checkbook didn't fit. Boo! This 30 min. project just became much longer now that unpicking was involved! What makes me even more upset is that I had to add a piece. You might be able to tell from the pics, but since the fat quarter is so small, I didn't have enough to start over, so I just pieced it and left it. I'm kind of bugged, but what can you do?

It's not anything really exciting, but it's exciting to me that I least I sewed something! I'm hoping to get on a roll here and sew on a more frequent basis. It makes me feel good and happy. So that's what I'm gonna do!

As far as training for the triathlon goes, I feel like it's going well. I've kept a good schedule at the gym and I did a "mini" tri last Saturday. I swam the full 300 meters (I've got it to about 8 min.), biked 7 miles, and ran 2 miles. I did all at the gym, so clearly ideal situations and I really didn't like the stationary bike since I couldn't get any resistance, but I finished it all in about 45 minutes or so and felt pretty good about it! It was tough, but not too awful.

When I first signed up for the triathlon, I was concerned about finishing, but now that I've invested so much time training I want to be fast! I know I will finish but the question is how fast? I think the toughest thing for me is the run at the end. I really don't love running. And doing 2 events before, it makes me a bit nervous. But everyone says adrenaline makes you do great things, so let's hope it works in my favor. I've been outside on my bike (that's a mountain bike now with road tires) only once. If it would stop raining I could get some more training outside on my bike, but for now I'm doing cycle classes at the gym, which I enjoy. But its definitely different on your own bike! That's where I'm at! It's May 21st, so it will be here soon!


erinmalia said...

it's totally something! sorry it didn't work out quite as you'd have liked, but i think it's totally cute. here's to more!

Christine said...

love the check holder. Sorry it didn't fit first.

Can't believe the triathlon is coming so soon!