Friday, April 1, 2011


Let's just say that I might have some of the cutest little nieces ever!

See for yourself--

First up, Reese. Brooke, don't be mad! But they are too cute not to share!!

And then little miss Elise!

Photographed by me :)


Wendy said...

VERY cute!!! Did you take these?

Nicole said...
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Emily said...

You sure do! You did such a great job photographing them! I've had several people comment on that!

Brookie P. said...

I don't care that you shared pics of our cute little one! They turned out cute! Thank you so much again for doing it! We have a photographer in the family!!!!!!YAY!!!!!

Niederfam said...

DARLING......Yo are DEFINITELY a natural PRO. LOVE them, and yes, you did have MIGHTY cute subjects, which helps too!!! ;)

Niederfam said...

ummmmm it looks like elise has eyelash extensions!!! ;)