Saturday, May 21, 2011

First Recital

Last night we attended Molly's first singing/dancing recital! It was so cute. I don't think Molly totally understood what a "recital" meant, but she did quite well, although she was shy! Here she is with her darling teacher, Miss Tricia!

 The theme was "Oh, What a Year!" Each song/dance was a month of the year.

Here is Molly singing her solo. "This is the way we sneak around, sneak around, sneak around..." She was really quiet, but she sang it!

Another dance was the baby bumble bee song. She is squishing up her baby bumble bee here :)

Ali was mainly trying to get to the stage the whole time until I found these stairs in the back corner! She had a great time going up and down these stairs while playing with my necklace.

Here are all the girls doing a little cheer at the end.

Molly was so excited about getting her picture taken after :)

Molly and her friend Carly.


Jeff and Kathryn said...

Oooohh cute!

Niederfam said...

Seriously adorable. I can't wait for Emery's first recital, but who knows she'll probably end up a "tom boy" ;) with ALL brothers.......