Monday, May 16, 2011

What do you think?

Just out of curiosity, what do you use in the shower? Bar soap or body wash? I am totally a bar soap person. I don't know why, but in my mind I think that it's cleaner than body wash! Ha, I know, silly. Anyway, I'm curious what you use. I know body wash has a million yummy scents but I just can't get myself to go that route.

Moving on. When you sleep, do you like the blankets in a big heap or you do you like them nice and straight? I'm quite particular about them being flat, straight, and perfect!! I had no idea I was so crazy about this until I got married and Justin is totally the opposite! He didn't even like sheets and I had to convince him that was THE ONLY WAY TO GO! So what do you prefer? Or are you somewhere in the middle? (Have I already talked about this? Sorry if I have!)

Last question. Do I have a seriously sensitive head? I cannot wear ANY kind of headband for longer than about an hour, max, unless it's fabric only. Is that weird? I wish that wasn't the case because I think there are so many cute headbands and I do own several, but I can only use them when I'm washing my face for a couple minutes! Grrr. I just wondered if I'm the only one!


erinmalia said...

0. I love posts like this. Don't get me wrong; you're family is adorable. But these kinds of things always get me thinking. And make me feel not alone.

1. Totally bar soap. I converted after getting married from shower gel and now when I think of shower gel, I think, how could that ever have gotten me clean?

2. Nice and straight. And when you get out of bed, please don't throw your side of the covers on to my side of the bed. Can't you just fold them over to the middle? Chuck wasn't much into sheets (didn't see the need) but I require them.

3. Even fabric ones can give me headaches. But don't even try a plastic one. Headache in less than 30 minutes.

Jeff and Kathryn said...

I'm the same as you on all of them. Must be because we're bday sisters!

Meg said...

Don't laugh, but I use bar soap first and then body wash cause it smells good. So, I guess I am a double doer and EXTRA clean:)

Covers need to be straight and must have covers on to sleep.

Sometimes I will get a headache if I wear my hair in a ponytail or half up..lame.

Erin said...

1. Bar Soap 2. Either way 3. Some bother me, but most are okay

Congrats on your anniversary! My sister got married last Friday the 13th. They said there were very few weddings that day because lots of brides were worried about bad luck--I thought that was funny. And congrats on Allison walking too!!

Christine said...

1. Body wash most definitely. I HATE bar soap

2. I like my blankets nice and straight and I like having a heavy blanket on me. Keeping them straight can be rough since Seth's feet hang of the bed and inevitably push the blankets down.

3. I have a pretty tough head (kinda weird since I get migraines so much huh?)

Emily said...

This just goes to show that we are SO sisters.

1- I use bar soap. Sometimes I use body wash but I ALWAYS use bar soap everywhere, then put some body wash in a loofa and scrub off the soap.

2- Straight. What is it with boys and no sheets?! They are crazy.

3- I do have a sensitive head, prob not as bad as yours. I can't wear headbands because they don't 'hug' my head they pop off and make me look funny!