Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

We headed up to Justin's parent's home for the weekend and the annual Pendleton Memorial Golf Tournament. This is one occasion where the entire family shows up! We arrived on Thursday, late afternoon, and enjoyed a weekend with more rain and even some snow. I'm not sure if we are from SLC or Seattle at this point?? Anyway...Molly and grandma enjoyed some cuddly time!
The girls enjoyed a four wheeler ride with daddy. They just had to have a blanket to stay warm.
I couldn't get a good picture with all of them looking, so this one is the best I had!
The girls did a bit of crafts (this is Brooke). We didn't quite plan ahead for another amazing craft like last year's yarn wreaths. But we made a bunch of fabric rosettes.
Baby Reese. She was such an angel! What a good baby. It took about 3 days before we heard her really cry! She smiled any time someone looked at her!
I have given my mom a lot of grief for making me and my younger sister Emily match in our outfits. But now I get it!! It just looks cute, doesn't it?! I am in love with these little capris. These outfits were on clearance at Carter's and I think I paid $3 for each piece. Not too shabby!
Alison and her cousin Mckenna. I wish I had my camera when the triplets first came to the house. Ali went over and just started saying all kinds of gibberish to them and they were staring at her like she was crazy! It was hilarious.
The triplets were loving throwing their sweaters, crawling with people's shoes on their feet and climbing up and down the stairs. Ali did learn to go "down" the stairs and I can't tell you how happy I am about that! Last time we were there she would climb up and cry until we came up for her!
How cute is this headband Brooke made for Reese? Darling! And she says she isn't crafty...Brooke!!
We tried something new...roasted pineapple! We made a rub of some sugar, cloves and cinnamon and slathered it on the pineapple. Then we put it on this skewer and grilled it! Then we put it over ice cream.
Here's Justin and his brother Brad dishing up. It was yummy! I am not a huge fan of ice cream with pineapple, so it wasn't the greatest combo for me, but the caramel sauce my MIL made was DELICIOUS!

Of course the girls got in on the ice cream too.
The final product! We also played a whole bunch of games, ate even more yummy food, and put together a puzzle that took about 4 hours! And heard some great news! Justin's brother Mark and his wife Ashley are expecting come January! Hooray! Congrats you guys! We are all hoping for a boy...7 granddaughters so far! Although we would take either of course!

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erinmalia said...

how fun to get everyone together, especially during a non-traditional holiday.

oooh, grilled pineapple is so yummy!