Monday, October 10, 2011

Birthday part 2

Justin's parents came to celebrate Molly's birthday on Saturday so my parents joined in as well on the fun for day 2 of Molly's birthday (lucky girl!!). Here she is blowing out her candle since I didn't give her one at her party (oops, I know bad!). When Justin had her "make a wish" she said, "I wish that mommy and daddy will get married!" Ha ha! The family requested that I record that, so there you go! What a sweetie!

Of course Ali had lots of fun with the presents too!

Molly was being hilarious. She would pull something out and throw it and go on to the next thing! So silly.

Grandma and Grandpa Pendleton got her this adorable skirt and a cute pink shirt to go with it!

And this darling little necklace! Isn't it cute? My parents got her an outfit and some small lala loopsy dolls. Thanks everyone!!

Trying on the chef's hat and apron!

Ali was loving them too! She was so excited and happy when we put them on her!!

Part of the family. The other pic had a problem loading, but here's who was here: grandma and grandpas (both sides), Scott, Brooke, Laney and Reese, and Uncle Brad.

Here's Reese with her usual little scowl! She's a cutie! Ali kept taking all of her baby toys. Silly! Thanks to everyone who came to her parties!! Molly had such a great birthday!


Christine said...

So glad you could make her birthday wish come true 6 years ago!

emily said...

looks like fun! and she totally sounded exactly like emmy when opening presents. love it! :)