Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall leaves

The leaves are starting to change! The mountains look beautiful here!

My dad, Grandpa Galbraith, Justin, Molly and I drove up Sunday towards East Canyon where my dad had been on a hike the day before to show us the leaves.

Grandpa is a big fan of Molly. She is so cute with him!

It was a bit windy, but the colors were beautiful.

And of course Molly and grandpa had to try out the trail.

The pioneers came through this way when they came to the Salt Lake Valley. I'm sure they wish it would have been during the beautiful fall with these leaves.


emily said...

fabulous fall pictures - so beautiful indeed. looks like grandpa has been getting around. :) just saw pics of nat's emery with him as well.

Christine said...

SO beautiful, I have been trying to get to Rocky Mtn National Park, but our Saturdays have been crazy! Hopefully the leaves won't have all fallen off by the time I get there.