Friday, August 3, 2012

Did I tell you?

Wonder why this little girl isn't wearing pants? Or I should say a dress (because that's all she will wear)? We are potty training. Yep. I know. We are crazy. Well I am. She has been wearing panties over her diapers for a few months and every once in a while would tell us she needed to go potty while she was wearing a diaper. Also, I caught her taking off her diapers a few times. So...I decided that even though I have a new babe, maybe it would be easier now why we are currently going hardly anywhere than when Molly is in school.

Today is day 5. We started on Monday. It was a bit slow going, but she's actually done pretty well yesterday and today. Yesterday she had one accident and even woke up with dry panties from her nap! Wahoo! I was thrilled. Today she had one accident, but she finished it on the potty. She is still sleeping as I write this (it's been about a 3 hr nap so far!!) and I'm guessing her panties will be wet, but we'll see. She has been wet every morning, but a couple of nights she did wake up to go. Molly was amazing with the nights. She wet her bed the first two days, then has been solid ever since. I was hoping the same thing for Ali, but not yet. We'll see how long she's wet before I give in. I just put a towel on top of her mattress and give her her blanket, then I wash them every day!

I hope by the time Molly starts school in a month that she will be pretty good to go. I know this process takes a long time, so I'm doing my very best to be patient with her. It is definitely harder with a baby, but Molly is a great helper and goes in with her when I'm feeding the baby.

Wish me luck! She hasn't been in a diaper since this past Sunday and I hope it stays that way! Then I only have to buy diapers for one :)

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