Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer: family edition

My sister Emily (and her husband and daughter) was in town for 2 months this summer and just recently left to go home. Unfortunately her little Elise (18 mos.) and my Ali (2 1/2 yrs) didn't always get along so great :( but once in a while they were nice to each other and managed to have some fun, which I am documenting here!

We also had fun with this swing set. Emily put it up for sale on ksl and to make a long story short, we FINALLY got rid of it! It was quite the chore and the people who came to get it actually ended up sawing it down. Now we are waiting for my parents to decide what they want to do with the ground around where the new swing set will go (we already have one picked out). Knowing my parents, we won't get one til next summer, but we'll see! I hope it's before then so my girls can play on it!

Emily organized a half birthday party for Elise one day. The girls all made crowns, we sang, had yummy cupcakes and she got Elise a present. Who doesn't love to celebrate another birthday, even it's a half birthday?!

Ali drawing on her crown.

We also went to the state fairgrounds for some fun one day. There were tons of activities, free stuff and games.

The girls both went on a pony ride! This was very brave of them. First time for both of them!

The miniature ponies were so cute!

They got to ride on a train as well. They had a really fun time and we are all about these fun, free activities!

We still have a few more weeks left of summer. It has been interesting adjusting to 3 kids. I find that I don't go anywhere with all 3 of them very often, unless there are other people who can help out if I need it. But I definitely don't go to any stores! That is just asking for disaster.

Molly has gotten a bit bored at home and we are anxious for her to start school. She has been in love with legos lately. She really enjoys making cell phones with the legos :) I've thought about getting her some of the girl legos for her birthday maybe, but I wonder if she likes the boy ones that used to be my brothers better?!

Ali is doing pretty well with potty training. She still has accidents here and there, but I think overall she gets it. When I picked her up from the nursery at the end of church today, the teacher said she told her she needed to go potty and she went! I was pretty excited about that! I hope she will be good to go by the time I have to take Molly to school. She is still in love with skirts and dresses and often can be seen wearing no shirt and a skirt. Silly girl!

Jackson is a good baby. He eats a ton in the day and I often have to supplement with a bottle, but he is a great sleeper. Last night I fed him at 10 pm and he slept until 6 am! It was amazing! I think since he eats so much and naps pretty little in the day, he sleeps so long at night. I will take that combo any day! He also is looking more like a baby than a newborn and he is changing all the time!

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emily said...

sounds like life is pretty good for ya - yay. and double yay for a good nite's rest. i hope you get more of those!

cute kids and cousin, too. :)