Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jackson's quilt

Here is the quilt for Jackson! My mom made it and the quilt pattern is "Mama's Boy" by Thimble Blossoms. Justin and I picked out the pattern and fabrics. We love it! I wasn't thrilled with any baby boy collection of fabrics that is out right now, so we had to pick out everything ourselves. It was pretty tricky finding the right shades of blues and greens I wanted. But it turned out so great!

Man, was it hard to find the chevron fabric! Stores were out of it right and left and we had to wait a few weeks for more to come in in the colors we wanted.

This is the back. She used some of the leftover fabric and pieced the back.

 A close up.

She took it to a friend who owns a quilt shop that does all over quilting. They have like 300 designs to choose from. We chose this one that is circles or bubbles. I think it turned out so darling! I can't wait to hang it up by Jackson's things! The blue and green match the fabric bins in the changing table. I'm really pleased with it. Thank you mom!


erinmalia said...

omygoodness. so lovely. i love the colors you picked! good job.

Karen said...

That quilt is adorable. I love it. I also have to say that its amazing how different percentiles can be! So here were Sarah's 2 months stats:

9 lbs 11 oz 25%
22 3/4 in 75%
15 in head 50%

It's funny that she was smaller and taller than Jackson but the percentiles are so different. I guess that just shows that percentiles aren't accurate?

Christine said...

Love those cute pics of Jackson and that sweet gummy smile. And the quilt is ADORABLE! Love, Love, Love it. good work on the colors.

Niederfam said...

Love the quilt, just like the others....and the baby boy it's for, as well as his mama!!!

Laura said...