Thursday, November 15, 2012


I am EXTREMELY overdue posting these, but we have been without a computer! So here I finally am sharing my girls trip with you that happened Oct. 25-28th! It was a blast. Natalie, Jackson and myself flew to Milwaukee where my sister Emily picked us up. She is living there while her hubby is in med school. My mom was already there visiting. We had a fun night checking out her cute place, had some ok chinese take out and tried some frozen custard. Yum!

The next morning we drove to Chicago, which is only an hour and a half away. We picked up my SIL, Becky, from the airport and headed to drop off our bags at our hotel. Then we became official tourists and begun our adventures! We had lunch first and then went on a boat tour.

Me and Jacks, Emily, my mom, Becky and Natalie

Here we are on the boat tour. Don't make me tell you any of these buildings now because I might not remember them anymore!! The weather was cold and windy, but it was nice having the sun out at least.

 The skyline.
We got tickets to ride the trolley and took a few tours around on them. While waiting to go to China Town, we went and saw the Bean.

Here we are riding the trolley to head to China Town. Jackson was THE BEST BABY! Honestly, he couldn't have been better. He was the perfect age to come on a trip like this.

We went into the Hancock Tower, which isn't quite as tall as the Sears Tower, but we were on the 95th floor here. That's pretty tall if you ask me!! This picture was taken in the bathroom. Yep, floor to ceiling windows!!

Pretty cool view from there.

We had lunch at the lounge and enjoyed the view while we shared several appetizers.

We did some shopping on Madison Avenue and we had to check out the American Girl Store. I have Molly, which yes, is where I first came to love the name!! I still have my doll but she's put away in storage. When Molly is a couple of years older I will probably let her play with her, but not until I think she won't lose things and she can take good care of her. I used to save up my money to buy things for her, so I want everything to stay in good shape!

 Wow, the American Girls have come a long way and there is so much cool stuff for them!! Here we are standing by the little treat shop. They have a place for you to eat lunch with them, have their hair done, and even a hospital. It was so fun to kind of re-live those days!!

I found out that they had a Sprinkles Cupcake shop in Chicago, so we headed over one afternoon to have a sample! Yum! If you watch Cupcake Wars on the Food Network, one of the judges is the owner of Sprinkles and it is considered one of the first cupcake shops. It was a nice afternoon treat!

We had such a good time. Thanks to all my sisters and my mom for all of the fun and help with Jackson! Everyone helped me lift the stroller, push the stroller, hold and feed the baby. Natalie was super helpful at the airport and on the planes, I couldn't have done it without her. She was also the trip planner! Thanks Captain Nat!!

It was a pretty whirlwind trip, going from one thing to the next, but we got it all in!! (I seriously suffered from vertigo too. Really. Even when I got home I was dizzy for moments several days after we got back. We pretty much took every form of public transportation possible. I guess it wasn't a good combo for me.) We ate at some delicious places that I didn't mention, but that was part of the fun too, of course. I had red velvet pancakes for brunch one morning....can you say rich and delicious?!! We want to make it a tradition and next time we are thinking of heading to some tropical and warm location! We'll see!


Jen said...

What a fun trip! I loved seeing little Jackson too...he loves like a mini Justin:)

Emily said...

You aren't as late as I will be with this post!! Oh, it was a ton of fun! But I'm with time-cruise!