Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Hope you had a fun Halloween! We sure did. I finished my Halloween tree yesterday, so it still counts! Here's what I did quickly just in case you ever want to make one too.

I bought my tree at Joann's. I had to hunt it down, but I found one and only paid $12 (orig. $30).

All of the stuff I put on the tree was found at Michael's. I made little ornaments from these Martha Stewart stickers. I put some paper on the back of each one, then used some black thread to hang them. Easy.

I used 4 colors of ribbon: orange, black, purple and green.

The cute little round ornaments were all out by the time I made my tree, so my mom let me borrow some of hers.  I give all the credit to my mom because, well, the whole idea was hers! I just copied it. Thanks mom!

Molly watched me as I made mine, so it was only natural that she wanted to make one. I had her go into the backyard and look for branches. Then we put them in a vase and she put some ribbon on hers like mine. Today she drew pictures of bats, witches and spiders and we taped them on. She was really pleased with her tree and her new disguise she got yesterday that she's showing off here as well. 

Molly and her bff, Carly.


Molly and Ali were cupcakes for Halloween. I had several people ask if I made their costumes. Nope! I got them after Halloween last year from Old Navy for about $3.50 each. Much cheaper than if I made them myself. Score.

 Ali didn't want to wear the hat (or cherry) but don't worry, I did put shoes on before we left!

 Cupcake sisters!

Jackson had 2 costumes which worked out well since right after my mom took this picture for me and I stood up, he puked all over his costume and the porch. Yucky. We changed him into his monkey costume, so it was good we had a back up! He was a very cute lobster though!

Earlier in the day we went trick or treating at daddy's office. We didn't know they did trick or treating, but he called and said um, I don't have any candy! So we picked up Molly from preschool and then went straight over and the girls had some extra fun. Jackson was wearing his monkey costume, but I took it off before I took the picture. Duh!

Justin stayed home while Jackson slept and I took the girls around trick or treating. We have a neighborhood party every Halloween with a light dinner and a parade followed by a countdown to trick or treating. We had a lot of fun there and got to see a bunch of friends before we took off.

We have a great neighborhood layout for trick or treating and only went to about 3 1/2 circles then called it good. The girls already had so much candy at that point. We were home around 7ish and then we let Molly pass out candy at our house. She loved it! She ran to the door each time and probably enjoyed passing out candy more than collecting it :)

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Christine said...

Score on the halloween costumes! Very cute tree. Jackson is starting to look like a little boy and not a newborn!