Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentine rosettes

 I had a few places that I thought would work for my valentine rosettes that I finished. I decided on this wall. Check out what was hanging there (pic above). We put these pictures up right after we moved into my parent's basement. I've known for a while that I should really take these down and do something else, but I also know that we will be gone soon, so I haven't had a ton of motivation!

I decided it was perfect for my rosettes to go there!

Here they are.

Didn't they turn out cute? I got the paper at a cute scrapbook store called the Pink Daisy in Holladay. My mom had the doilies and the tag. I had leftover scrapbook paper from a past project that I used to make the small hearts. Anyway, they sure make me happy! 

To be honest, they are sitting on the floor right now :( I hung them with duct tape, but obviously it didn't hold so well! I got the idea here, and she used painter's tape. I tried that first, but it didn't seem to hold well either. Then I tried duct tape, but it was a no go too. So now I'm not sure what to use, but I will figure something out!


erinmalia said...

i don't think i'd take those down! love isn't just a valentine's day thing. :)

emily said...

so totally and absolutely adorable!!! i agree with erin - keep them up all year long!

Emily said...

They turned out so cute! Nice work. I hope you find a good way for them to stay attached up there!

Christine said...

Love them! I use 3m scotch velcro tabs for things like that and they work fabulously (in fact, I use those for everything, including hanging picture frames!)

JennyLeighP said...

Hey Nicole! Such a cute blog! Love your valentines decor:-)