Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Valentine's Decor

I was going to put away all of my Valentine's decorations today, but I figured I better take some pictures so I will remember for next year.

Above is our shelf by the front door.

Here is my wreath that I made a few years ago. I've already posted about it. It was a project I made at Christmas with my mil and sils.

None of this is new either. I couldn't get them to stick on the wall, but my neighbor suggested I use mounting tape. Viola! They stay up! I'm a bit nervous to take it off. I hope the tape doesn't pull the paint off!

The mantle and back wall view.

The pink owl is new this year. I found it at Gordman's.

I found the printable online for free and bought these tulips at Michael's. I had the vase from when Molly was born. My mom found the gray bird for me after we moved in.

This is the banner I made this year. My mom bought these kits from a scrapbook company near her. Everything was cut out, I just had to assemble it all.

 I love it. It says "Adore" if you can't tell.

I put my wall hanging on the wall ;) ha. Of course I did!

I probably need to add something to this silver bowl on my sofa table, but I never got around to it.

I'm not sure I've taken a pic, but I originally had a gray side table. It was just too much with my gray/blue chairs and blue rug under my kitchen table, so I exchanged it for the white. I like it much better!

That's the end of the tour!


emily said...

um, WOW. i "adore" it all. it really is beautiful. picture perfect!

Christine said...

I love it all-especially the banner. I also love how you decorate for every holiday. What fun. (the question is, was your bed decorated?:)