Sunday, March 9, 2014

Catch Up

We went to St. George last month over President's Day weekend. We left on Valentine's Day around 3 pm. We picked up Justin from work on our way and headed down. Molly and Justin both had Monday off, so it was a good opportunity.

We had lots of fun, crammed into just a few short days. We went on a walk.

Found pinecones.

We stayed with Justin's grandparents. They come down from Star Valley and rent this house for 6 months every year. We try to come down at least once while they are here if we can! We have 2 bedrooms and a bathroom of our own, so it works out really well.

We tried out some yummy places, like Swig! This was our first time going. They have yummy treats and drinks. There were about 10 cars in line when we pulled up! Crazy.

We went to Dixie Rock and climbed around. The kids really loved it! (This pic was taken on my camera phone and there is something funny on the screen, so don't be concerned about Justin's lip!).

Jackson wanted to do everything on his own!

With a golf club in hand, of course.

Molly was our brave girl and wanted to keep climbing higher and higher.

They were excited to find this little "house" as they called it.

Great Grandpa teaching Jackson how to golf. The kids had so much fun talking to grandma and grandpa! It was really cute.

It was so nice on Sunday and Monday when we left!

There is a golf course in their backyard, so we liked to go out and watch the golfers.

The girls both wanted a picture :)

Another favorite for us is the Bear Paw. Breakfast is to die for!

The girls loving it too.

On our way out, grandpa took us for rzr rides!

Everyone loved it! We had such a great time, we just wished that we could have stayed another couple days! Thanks to Justin's grandparents for having us! 

A couple of weeks ago we visited a new member of the extended family...
Justin's brother, Brad, bought a dog he named Barkley!

His roommate also got a dog. This is Gage. The kids all loved the dogs. They are 7 weeks old here. They were really sleepy still :)

We celebrated my dad's birthday at Dickey's for lunch on his birthday, Feb. 28th. We love you so much dad!! We had all of the family who lives in UT here for it (minus my bil).

Sewing and Projects--
I made some new dress ups. Elsa and Anna from Frozen. My girls have been singing the songs like every other girl in America I think!! They love the movie and the songs.

These were really pretty easy to make. I got the Elsa one finished first and then a couple of weeks later I finally finished the Anna one! I made them pretty big so they can grow with the girls.

I've had this shamrock for I think 4 or 5 years now. I bought it at the Wood Connection and have slowly worked on it but never completely finished it. I hate it when I have unfinished projects! I decided that this was the year and I HAD to get it done! My sweet neighbor gave me the cute little balls.

 I wanted to use them somehow, but couldn't quite figure out just what to do to make them look good.

I finally came up with this. I went and found the gold tulle and the cute green chevron ribbon and had the balls hang on the wire at the top. I'm just glad it's DONE!!

We are getting new neighbors next door and there are about 10 houses that are going up right by us! When we moved in, nothing was happening, but now it is booming! The only window where we can see what's happening next door is this window in our master bathroom.
I put Jackson up there on the edge of the tub when I saw the tractor out digging. Little boy heaven!

Molly has been talking about wanting to cut her hair. I don't really blame her because I have to do it and it is so snarly because it is so LONG! It has been fun having it super long, but it was time.
She thought it would be a good idea to donate her hair to someone. So yesterday we went to Great Clips who happened to be having a hair cut sale and we did it! 

You need 10 inches to donate to locks of love. They put in a ponytail and then cut it off. I have the hair and we will mail it this week!

Here she is! I think it turned out really cute! She likes it and has been excited to show anyone she knows ;) Last night she was saying she was a bit sad, but I think it's because she is thinking it's too short to do any hairstyles now, but I explained it's still long enough to braid and do fun things.

That's what we've been up to the last month or so!

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LOVE the picture updates!!! SO fun!!! CUTE kids, DARLING sewing projects, and FUN momma and daddy!!!