Tuesday, March 18, 2014

St. Patrick's Day 2014

The leprechaun returned to our house a couple of nights ago! The kids found that he came in through the back door.

Then he got into the cupboard.

And that's where he left the Lucky Charms!

Molly made this cute hat at school!

I have a few St. Patrick's decorations. I didn't want to decorate the whole house in it, so I just decorated the entryway.

I found this adorable banner on jane.com this year. You just had to assemble it. It's from here if you are interested. My SIL actually loves her etsy shop, so when I saw it on jane.com, I called her right away to say I noticed it :) I had been thinking of making my own banner this year, but when I saw this one, I figured it was adorable and less work and trouble than getting everything to make my own!

So this isn't quite "finished" but next year I can work on that! I usually put 2 of my green salad plates in between the white ones, but I put my candles there instead. I think it would be cute to put a vinyl shamrock on the white plates or something.

I need something in my glass jar on top too.

 Here is my little table. Nothing new here.

Hope you had a nice St. Patty's Day! We had some neighbors over to make rainbow necklaces with Froot Loops. It was fun. I tried making some green popcorn too (from ourbestbites) with lime jello. To be honest, I wasn't a big fan and my kids weren't really either. But now I know! We had made some brownies the night before, so we had those with some mint chocolate chip ice cream for dessert. Yum!

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Christine said...

Okay, I don't like dogs, but those puppies were adorable! And Molly's hair sure was long, it looks cute short too:) St. George looked fabulous-I miss going there. And I love you and your love of all holidays-so festive.