Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bugged and embarrassed

Today I'm using my blog as a spot to vent. I took Alison to a dermatologist appointment this morning to have some warts on her chin frozen off. Why my girls have both had warts, and in noticeable places, I'm not sure. But anyway, I took Jackson with and Ali was awesome. We saw a woman dr. which I knew was key for her. She sat still the entire time and the dr. said it was a great, thorough treatment! Yay! We may have to go for a follow up for one more time (which is what happened with Molly), but at least we are going to get rid of them!

After we went to Walmart to get some cetaphil cream for Jackson. He's had super dry, red cheeks and so I asked the dr. about him and she suggested that. Jackson has a huge tantrum in the middle of our trip, my neighbor sees me and comes to my rescue! She holds Jackson and he calls down for her. Yay! So then I head to check out. This is the bugged part of my post. 

I see a light on, so I roll my cart over and notice a lady at the end, looking at gift cards it looks like. She says there is nobody ringing there. I start pulling back, but then notice an employee walking up, like she's looking for customers to ring up there. She says she will check me out. So I push my cart back and tell the lady that's there that I found an employee and she's going to check me out. I tell her sorry. She looks at me, chuckles, and says, no you're not. Then she walks off. 

Maybe I'm crazy and I don't know her, but I was pretty bothered by her response. I'm holding Jackson, Ali's in the cart and I'm trying to get out as soon as I can so we don't have another meltdown. This lady was probably 50-60 years old I'd say. It made me think she never had kids. It was much easier for her to move than it would have been for me. Am I totally in the wrong here? You can take a vote. If you think I am, that's fine. The irony was that she was wearing a sweatshirt that said, "Wicked" on it (obviously from the musical). I thought it was kind of fitting.

I had another fun situation yesterday. We went over to the park while waiting for Molly at dance. Jackson and Alison were playing and a lady sat on a bench next to the one I was and was watching her kids. We commented on a few things the kids were doing. Then she tells me that she recognizes me from The Children's Place when my daughter peed her pants. Wow. How embarrassing! Ali pees her pants and is freaking out and I'm trying to decide how to take 3 kids to the bathroom in the back and take care of her and if I need to buy new panties since I was totally unprepared. Now I will probably run into this lady all the time! I'm so embarrassed. I'm sure I was a crazy, frantic mom that day. 

It's been an awesome couple of days for me :)


emily said...

Of course you did nothing wrong - you were nice about it AND she was in the way. I have no idea why she responded like that. So weird . . . and rude.

Oh, don't be embarrassed! That's nothing to be embarrassed about - a little girl peeing her pants has probably happened a billion times. :) And a mom trying to figure out how to deal with it and all her kiddos has probably happened just as many times. :)

erinmalia said...

can i just copy and paste everything my sister said? because i want to. you're doing just fine!

Niederfam said...

TOTALLY FINE. Agreed. People are clueless sometimes, not YOU, the "Wicked" lady and really even if I do recall seeing you at Children's place in an awkward moment, I never would have felt the need to TELL you that……..I'm sorry she did. Oh well, maybe you'll end up BFF's and laugh about it one day.

You are AMAZING and you are doing a FANTASTIC job with all 3/4 including JP!!! HA. ;)