Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Father's Day

Daddy got some lovely grilling tools as well as a coupon to purchase a grill, seeing as we don't have one :) We also gave him a coupon for a lawn mower. All things you need when you become a first time homeowner. Yay! We did in fact get a lawn mower, the next day. No grill yet, but we are looking.

These little questionnaires were done with a babysitter. We have used the cutest babysitter who does scavenger hunts and all kinds of fun things with our kiddos. A few of my favorites from these lists were from Ali. She wrote that Justin is 54 years old and as big as an elephant. Cute.

Justin didn't want me taking pics, but come on! We also made this handprint tree for him. We made one a year or two ago and so now he can replace it with this recent one. He keeps it in a frame in his office.

Justin is the best father to our children. He loves to spend time with them and plays with them. They look up to and admire him so much. I have never had a mommy's girl or boy because their dad is so great that they would never cling to me and not him! We love him so much! And we also love our fathers and grandfathers. So grateful for fathers!

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emily said...

Everything about this post is just cute, cute. :)