Tuesday, July 22, 2014

South Lake Tahoe

Last week my side of the family went to South Lake Tahoe for a week. We left early Saturday morning and drove pretty much all day long and got to our hotel at about dinner time. The kids did great on the drive! We came back this past Saturday night.

Sunday we went to church and checked out the different things at our hotel. We also walked out on the beach and took a couple of pics.

We went to Emerald Bay on Tuesday for a day at the beach. It was a beautiful and perfect day. We parked at the parking lot at the top and walked a mile down to the beach (our only choice). We got to try stand up paddle boarding. Lots of fun! We rented a couple of kayaks as well. There was a little island you could go out to and hike to the top.

We did lots of swimming at the pool! The kids had a great time.

The pools were a bit on the cool side, so we always jumped in the hot tubs as well :)

Justin and Preston (our bil) went golfing at Edgewood Golf Course on Monday night. They were lucky to go before a celebrity tournament started the next day and lasted for the rest of the week.

We walked around in downtown South Lake Tahoe and looked at the shops. Jackson liked these tractors, surprise!

Jackson loved just playing in the sand with toys and tractors.

Justin trying out the stand up paddle board. It was pretty simple, really.

All the kids at Emerald Bay.

Emerald Bay. Isn't it beautiful?!

Kayaking to the island at Emerald Bay.

We went on a big family hike one morning just by our hotel. We probably made it about half a mile with all of the kids before turning around.

All the cute kids!

The whole group! There were 20 of us. (My dad is taking the picture)

Jackson loved playing with Mitt and Major, his cousins! They were good at helping him and playing with him.

We found a place to fish one day. Ryan brought his fishing poles, so our kids got to take turns. After about an hour, Molly actually caught a fish! Then Lexie caught one.

Justin took Molly one day to see the golf tournament. She got to give a high five to Annika Sorenstam (pro golfer) and Annika's husband (who was her caddy) gave her a bag of chips. She was pretty excited about it!

On Friday we went to another beach a bit closer to us called Round Hill Pines. The kids had fun burying each other.

It was a fun, much needed vacation for our family. Justin was happy to be out of the office for a week and it was fun to be someplace new! The hotel was really nice and we had two 2 bedroom rooms, next to each other. The hotel had a mini golf course, playgrounds, tennis courts, pools, hot tubs, walleyball, a movie theatre and a putting green. We signed our kids up several times for the kids club activities-painting, jewelry making, clay building, and making souvenirs. Non stop fun! We mainly ate in our rooms and each couple was in charge of a night for dinner. Thanks to my parents for getting the hotel (timeshare) for us! We had a blast!


Niederfam said...

This is a PERFECT re-cap, what are you talking about. WAY more details and memories listed here!!!!

Pendletons said...

Looks like tons of fun! We need to do that with the pendleton side :)