Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Davis county fair

Last week the fair was in our county! They advertised a free princess show and I knew that Ali would love it (Molly is in school or she would have too!).

It was pretty fun. We saw most of the princesses and they sang a song from their movie.

We did a bunch of free activities and got to go to the petting zoo.

They even got to milk a cow! We went to the rodeo on Saturday night as well. We stayed until 9:30 pm when Ali had fallen asleep on Justin's lap and we figured we should get our kids to bed. Too bad we missed the bull riding. But we did see mutton busting, kids chasing cows with money on them, barrel racing, calf roping and a few other events.

Ali got her boot off! We went in last week and got new X-rays and we could see where she was growing new bone. That was the green light so we could take her boot off! 

We've been playing with cousin Elise while she's been in town for the past month and a half. Here they are dressing up at grandma's house. Emily and I made maxi skirts for our girls and a few bows.

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Niederfam said...

I feel bad we missed it, good thing Emery doesn't know!