Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Wildflower Pedalfest 2014

My sister Natalie talked me into doing a race in her little hometown of Mountain Green, UT. She's about 30 mins northeast of me. We signed up to ride 35 miles.

It was quite the eventful day for me. When I was pumping up my tires on my bike the morning of the race, my back tire was flat. Justin came home 30 minutes late and I was nervous I wasn't gonna have enough time to fix my tire and get my packet for the race.

Well I made it up the canyon and to the race in record time and luckily there was a tent with guys helping out with bikes. I gave them my new tire and they put it on for me. I grabbed my packet, met my sister and we started.

After the first 12 miles or so, my back tire felt wobbly. I got off and sure enough, it was flat AGAIN! I couldn't believe my bad luck. A truck drove by about 30 seconds after and picked up me and my bike and took me to the feed stop, which was only about a mile or so away from where we were.

Once again, there was a tent set-up and they had a tire they gave me and the nice guy fixed my 2nd flat!

Here I am waiting my turn to get my bike fixed. I couldn't believe that this was the first time I had ever had a flat and then it happened again!

I'm so glad they had support at each feed stop. Otherwise I would have been done unless another rider knew how to help and had an extra tire. I don't even know how to fix a flat! Bad!

All in all, it was really fun and we had a great ride. We just went slow and steady and chatted while we went! After the race they had a yummy catered lunch and frozen yogurt bar! Every detail was thought of and it was a really fun time. I hope to try 50 miles next year!


emily said...

Please count me in for the 50-miler. I would LOVE to do it with you and Nat - seriously! Looks and sounds great. Now learn how to fix a flat. :) You'll feel super and empowered. :) Good job!

Niederfam said...

YAY another recruit!!! THANK YOU for joining me and listening to me all along the way…..;)

Christine said...

Boo on the flat tires! But way to go. So proud of you