Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Birthday Party 2

Alright, well Molly had another party this past Friday night with the Pendletons. It was a lot of fun! We had dinner, followed by presents and cake. Then we put Molly to bed and the rest of us played a couple of games including the sign game--it was pretty hilarious and really fun.

The decorated ping pong table. At first I didn't think I'd really love having the ping pong table down here, but it's the greatest thing ever! It worked here as a display table for Molly's gift and cake and it also is my craft/cutting table! The banner here says Happy Birthday and you can see that I made a similar castle cake. At least that's over with! And I think I liked the first one better...probably because I love funfetti cake over strawberry cake!

Sorry about the glare here but this was what Molly liked the most this day: the ice cream popsicles we had with her cake.

Little Laney! Isn't she adorable? She's about a month old now.

Grandma and Grandpa got this caterpillar for Molly and she absolutely loves it! It was a big, big hit.
Molly liked her first piggy bank too.

And her Cosmo the Cougar book from Scott and Brooke.

Here's the gang. Left to right: Andrea (Mark's friend), Mark, Brooke, Laney, Scott, Val and Shelley. This really isn't the best pic. I should've had everyone look, but oh well! We missed Sunny and Kyle and of course Brad (mission)!

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Christine and Seth said...

Fun! Man she is a spoiled little thing. That is always the best, when other people can spoil(-read-grandparents)-your children so you don't have to!