Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gardiner Village

I'm a little late on blogging lately, so here's what we did last weekend. We headed to Gardiner Village for the little witches weekend. Man, it was crazy! We went on Saturday afternoon and there were so many people there. But it was still fun. It was just the girls and the kids. Most of the men in the family were in North Carolina for furniture market (minus Justin and Todd) so we thought it would be fun to check out all of the witches.

The main thing we did was check out the petting zoo. I would take Molly's hand and pet the animal, but then she would shake and get scared! But Major on the other hand was LOVING it! It was so cute. He was running everywhere checking everything out. Lexie was a bit unsure and Mitt liked it too.

Me, Molly and Mitt
Becky, Shay, Emily, Lexie, me and Molly. I think Natalie was getting Mitt in line for the pony rides so she wasn't in the picture. And my mom came as well. It was fun, even with all the crowds.


galbraithfam said...

It was fun! Go Galbraiths!

Christine and Seth said...

as always the bows are adorable! i wish there were better places to get ribbon around here. Shay looks old! How old is she?