Saturday, March 28, 2009

David Archuleta

Last night Emily, Natalie, Becky, my mom and I went to the David Archuleta concert at the E Center!! Ha ha! It was actually quite a lot of fun for many reasons.

We didn't get a pic with mom and Becky because they came in a different car and were a bit aways from us, although Nat went and sat by Becky and my mom came over by me and Emily. We were sitting in this pic on the rail of the balcony which is why I look like I'm going to fall forward ;)

Here he is!! There were 2 openers for him. What?! Isn't one plenty? I certainly thought so, especially since it took the stage crew about 15 minutes for each one to set up. Not to mention that before David came on, we literally waited 30 minutes, no lie! It was ridiculous! The concert started at 7:30 with Benton Paul singing, then another girl sang and David didn't get on stage until 9:30! Good thing all the 12 and 13 yr old girls were chanting David and Archie. Ha ha!

Here he is at the piano. He actually played a few at the keyboard. This was during his encore. He came back out by himself and played two songs there.

Okay, now this part is hilarious! This is when he sang his famous song "Crush". If you look at the picture, the two girls in from the left apparently won a contest and got to be on stage for the song. David sang the first part of the song, then when he got to the chorus, he sang to each girl for a minute. It was the most AWKWARD thing ever! The girls got up on stage and had no idea what to do! They were kind of dancing, but I'm sure they felt stupid! Anyway, that was quite funny.

Here's a little recording I took. Enjoy!

It was actually quite fun to be there. The crowd was seriously going crazy all the time, jumping, singing. It was very entertaining to watch all these teenie boppers get soo excited about the songs. He was quite the showman. He wasn't all shy like in AI, but it was hard for him to say anything because the girls were always screaming!

And for those who want even more about the concert, click on this link from today's paper:

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