Friday, March 13, 2009

Not what I expected...

I know you've all been wondering what plates I chose! Ok, so at least I know my sisters are curious because they both have already asked me this week :) Well I finally got them today, but I have good and bad news.

Bad News: The bad news you can read in the pic below:

They're appetizer plates!! What?! I wanted salad/dessert plates!!

The most frustrating thing is that I specifically called customer service and asked what size they were because for some reason the webpage didn't list the size (weird, don't you think?). The lady told me she didn't know and there wasn't really a way to find out basically--does that make any sense to you? I said um, how about you call the warehouse and see if someone can go get the plates and check? She said they can't do that. So I'm waiting on the phone for her because there has to be SOMETHING they can do. She talks to a couple of people while I'm holding, takes my number and says she'll call me back the next day. She never does.

In the meantime I had already sent an email to the company asking what size they are (I did this before I decided to call). So the next ay or so I got an email back saying that they were salad sized plates.

So then I ordered the plates thinking they were the size I wanted to fit in my plate rack. Today when they arrived they obviously were appetizer plates. Now I don't know about you, but I have no use for appetizer plates! So I call customer service telling them this whole story and that if they will pay for shipping, I will gladly return them.

Good News: After holding, the rep tells me that they will credit the money I've paid back to me and that I can just keep the plates and do what I want with them! Crazy, huh? I said 'are you sure?' They said there was no way to have them pay for shipping so that's what they decided.

Anyone want to buy them from me? ;) ha ha. I'm really sad though because I think they are so cute, they're just not big enough to sit in my plate rack :(


Christine and Seth said...

Cute St. Patty's day decor. So sorry about the plates. I have decided that there are way to many incompetent people out there.

Jen said...

I'm sure you will find a good place for them...they are adorable. I agree cust. service is horrible