Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt!

This weekend was a good one. Conference was great as always and even though the weather wasn't so great on Saturday, yesterday the sun came out and today is even nicer!

We had most of the family over for dinner yesterday (we missed you Em and Zack!) and then after we had an easter egg hunt for the grandkids! They absolutely loved it. And it was quite entertaining for the rest of us too!

First the kids picked up a pail on the sidewalk. They were all lined up. This was Molly's first egg hunt, so we had to help her at first.

Mitt knew right what to do! And the others were pretty smart too!

Daddy helping Molly.

After a little while, she was getting the hang of it and thought it was pretty fun!

Our little binky baby.

She was pretty happy at this point!

Molly, Lexie, Major, Mitt and Shay

After the hunt was over, we headed back in and the kids checked out their loot!

Grandma and Grandpa also had a book for each kid. Aren't grandparents great?!

I think Molly's hoping Major will share here. And most of the kids did. I think Molly ended up eating most of the candy, no lie!

The kids each got a little shovel to go with their pail and Molly decided she wanted to use it like a spoon :)
It was a fun day!


Christine and Seth said...

Oh how fun! I think it is so great that you all live so close and can do things like this together.

Brooke said...

How fun! Sorry about play group this month, I'm hosting Ryans family easter party, so it's been a little crazy!

galbraithfam said...

It was a fun was MOnday! You got so many cute pics of Molly! We're sad you won't be there on Sunday, but have so much fun in Star Valley. Happy Easter!

Jen said...

Sooo cute! I loved the one with the pail of eggs and the binkie:)