Friday, April 17, 2009


Ok so I know I haven't said anything more about law schools, but that's because nothing's really changed! We are still waiting to hear back from 2 schools. Although Justin did send a seat deposit in for the U. My guess at this point is that he will most likely attend the U unless we hear from BYU and they say they have a spot for him. BYU is half the price of the U, so who wouldn't?!


Brooke said...

I like you here! And OUCHY on your finger, what a rookie! How nice to have doctor neighbors! And I LOVE Molly's easter dress it's so beautiful!

Christine and Seth said...

Umm, and it is BYU! Go cougars. So sorry about your stitches. That is no fun at all, but luckily you are with family even when Justin isn't home!