Sunday, July 18, 2010

Good, bad and hot!

We left for St. George on Friday after Justin finished his take home final. Yeah! He is done with his con law class. On the drive down, we noticed a blinking light that said to turn our over drive off. We tried to do that but nothing happened and it kept on blinking. We looked in our owner's manual and it said if you see that to have it serviced immediately. Not good!

To make a long story short, Saturday morning we found out that our transmission is going. Just what we need! We decided to rent a car for California and we are going to try to drive our car back to SLC where there are more options/opinions, etc. What a way to start a vacation, right? We are thinking we will either have to rebuild the transmission or buy a used transmission. At that point we could either keep it until it dies for good or sell it. We aren't totally sure at this point what we'll do but we feel lucky that we didn't get stranded and that for turning out so poorly, it didn't set us back too far and we aren't missing our vacation!

The drive to California was, well, long! Justin said several times, "We are never doing this again!" Between a blowout, helping Alison every five minutes (it seemed) and both of them crying at different times, we would prefer to fly if we do this again!! Who wouldn't, right?!

However, the resort here is beautiful. We are in Palm Desert and boy is it HOT! I think it was supposed to be 113 today. Ridiculous. Needless to say, we have been inside all day and can't wait for tomorrow when we will head straight to the pool!! More to come.


Christine said...

Driving with kids is always miserable in my opinion!

I am so sorry about your car! That is never fun.

Kati said...

What a bummer! I guess wishing you luck didn't exactly work. I am glad that you guys still made it after all the fun car problems.