Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wyoming Weekend

I'm a bit late posting this, but still wanted to post some pictures from our time in Wyoming last weekend.

The first thing Molly says when she gets to grandma and grandpa's house is "I want to take a bath!" She loves their jetted tub!! It's pretty nice, so I don't blame her a bit. But we usually have to convince her to wait until after dinner.

She got a hold of the bubbles this time and so she had lots and lots of them! She was loving it.

I was playing around with my lens and took some pictures outside the house. It is so pretty there right now!

Saturday the girls and kids went to Jackson Hole while the boys went golfing. We decided we needed a picture with our name sake :)

Here's a few pictures by the antler arch.

Molly with her cousin Laney. The suckers were a big hit! And my girls were quite good while we waited for the boys to finish up, which took longer than we had expected (of course!). We had a fun time!

We have had several days to re-group and are headed to California tomorrow! We're excited!


emily said...

your pictures are really great nicole! i can tell you are learning a thing or two. :)

i love the bathtub photo - so adorable and just perfect.

wyoming looked great - i sure do love that place. have fun in cali!

Emily said...

Your nature photos of WY are gorgeous and truly do look professional! Way to go!

Molly is so cute in the bubbles or with the sucker in her mouth! So cute!