Thursday, July 29, 2010

little ladies

Alison has recently found her toes! I love it when they finally figure out that they can reach for them, it's just so adorable. I was trying to capture that with my camera and she didn't cooperate! I think she was too tired. But I did get some cute shots anyway. I'll have to try again!

Grandma found some great finds today at the DI! She found the Tinkerbell doll there about a year ago when Molly was really into Tinkerbell. Today she found this other doll--we think it's Cinderella.

Alison has a new past time. My sister let me borrow this jumper and she has figured it out! She is so happy just jumping around in it! I think she enjoys that she can turn in a full circle. She can watch the kitchen or the family room in this spot.

I wanted to say a few words about my photo class that ended the beginning of this month. It was such a great experience! I really enjoyed it. At first it sounded weird having it online, but it was perfect because everything was at your own time and pace (each week was a lesson) and then you had homework and loaded your pictures to the gallery. Then Nicole (the teacher) would leave comments as well as the other classmates if they wanted. You could also look at everyone else's work and learn from them too.

I learned SO much! Before I always used the auto or P settings on my camera and now I have learned to use manual. The most frustrating part for me is that it takes a LOT of practice (darn it!) Of course I don't feel like I'm anywhere where I want to be (I look at Nicole's blog and practically drool!), but I'm amazed at how much better and sharper my pictures are now. I still have much to learn and improve, so that's why I thought the sooner I start, the longer I have to work on it! And this is something you can do for the rest of your life. I would definitely recommend Nicole's classes to anyone. There are other classes offered as well. See here for more info. Happy shooting everyone!


Jeff and Kathryn said...

You're a great photographer! And speaking of pictures, I love your family pic up at the top of your blog.

ps..I lived off those little pizzas in college!

Emily said...

The pictures you took of Ali and her little bunny are so sweet! I think you are a great photographer!

I love the dolls mom found for Molly and the bouncer- she sure seems to love it!

Christine said...

Alison is looking more and more like Justin to me! Love her bracelet on her chubby wrists.

galbraithfam said...

You pictures are so sharp and gorgeous! Look who is drooling now! Good for you!

Jen said...

I was going to say...those pictures are great! I can totally see the difference with your class. And what lovely subjects you have:)