Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th!

We had a fun weekend! Hope you did too!

I was in charge of Sunday dinner. Here's what was on the menu: grilled lemon pepper chicken, corn on the cob, raspberry yummy salad, rolls, watermelon and some brazilian lemonade (from to drink! I think everyone liked it. My mom is out of town and quite the cook, so I took it upon myself to try to get close to her standard.

I also made some festive cupcakes for dessert. I saw these cupcakes on someone's blog (sorry, can't remember which and I'm too lazy to look it up). Anyway I thought they were really cute!

I used a white cake mix and colored the batter in red white and blue but I didn't take a picture after cutting into it! Oops! And I used a chocolate star mold for the stars on top. They were pretty and yummy!

Last night we were lucky enough to see Stadium of Fire!! I have been once with my family, like 8 years ago probably.

This is a nasty picture of me, but whatever. I am documenting!

Justin's brother Brad came down and we set him up with our neighbor Lisa.

The stadium of fire dancers.

Also performing was Jenny Oaks Baker on violin, the 5 Browns (pianists) and the Osmonds 2nd Generation. Everyone did a really great job. The boy scouts also had an eagle court of honor. They were celebrating 100 years of the boy scouts. They had all the eagle scouts in the audience stand up as part of it. They also had 4 jets fly over...very cool!!

And how can I forget the last performer? Carrie Underwood!! She was great! She probably sang about 12 songs. I thought she would only sing a few, but she kept on going! She sounded great and everyone had a good time.

And then there were the firworks.

These ones below are probably my favorite. I love them!

Thanks to my dad for watching Molly and Emily and Zack for watching Alison! We are so grateful you helped us out so we could go!

Earlier in the day I got out the slip n slide for Molly. Of course it wasn't as warm as the days before, but still warm enough. We had to get her used to the idea, but then she had a great time.

Grandpa helped her with the sliding.

And Alison just hung out like usual :) I think yesterday she found her voice. She has been making the craziest noises all of a sudden! It is so funny!!

We are so grateful to live in America and for those who have given so much for the freedoms we enjoy today. Happy 4th of July!


Karen said...

I would have loved to see Carrie Undewood...she's one of my favorites! And I can't believe that is Lisa. She's so old!!!!

Christine said...

So jealous about Stadium of Fire! I so miss going to it.

Brett & Sydnie said...

I am jealous you guys went to the Stadium of Fire! Brett loves Carrie Underwood, but we didn't get tickets cause we didn't know how many songs she would do. Looks like so much fun!

Niederfam said...

SOOOOOOO cute, and it's not a nasty picture of you at all!!! ;) Looks like a GREAT 4th!!!!! The cupcakes were YUMMY too BTW thanks for sharing!!!!

Emily said...

I'm glad you guys had a fun time! All your food pictures look awesome and I LOVE the nicole's classes button you have on your blog! Way to go!

Meg and Colby said...

I'm a little jealous you got to see Carrie Underwood too! And, those cupcakes look muy delicioso!

Becky said...

Wonderful weekend!