Monday, August 9, 2010

Do you see the resemblance?

One of my favorite pictures of Molly as a baby is this one that we took for Easter in 2008. Yesterday we put Ali in the same dress. I had to take some pictures to see the similarities between the two. I believe Molly is 6 months in the dress and Ali is 7 months (tomorrow).



We didn't get quite the same great cheeser from Ali, but she still looked adorable in the dress! What do you think?!


Jen said...

Yes you can totally see the resemblance...but on the other hand you can see the first one is Molly. So cute! I love the candid shots outside too.

Sunny said...

I guess they are sisters! Very much look alike. Isn't it funny how one kids cheeses really well and the other wants to just be serious in all pictures. Apparently I speak from experience... But Ali is such a doll, such a pretty little girl in that cute dress!

Niederfam said...

definitely a resemblance, so so cute!!! but i still think i could tell them apart!!! ;)