Monday, August 9, 2010

Oh what do you do in the summer time?

Molly was getting bored today so I asked if she wanted to run through the sprinklers. She said, "yes!" of course. So we got into her swim diaper and suit and out we went. She wanted to put the sprinkler under the trampoline, so we then did that. I put her up and she changed her mind. She wasn't into it anymore! So silly.

So we turned off the sprinklers and she ran around and around while singing all the songs she knows.

Every once in a while she sat down to get grass/leaves/whatever off of her feet :)

I am loving her little messy bun! I was trying to get it up as fast as I could (she HATES me to do her hair!!) and this is the result. Too bad my hair isn't long enough for those anymore!

And she picked some leaves. She enjoyed herself. Even if the sprinklers weren't on!


Emily said...

Cute suit! I'm loving the poppin' swim diaper as well :)

One day she will like the sprinkler under the tramp! Maybe next summer!

Christine said...

so cute. Love the messy bun. I still don't think she and Ali look a lot alike.

erinmalia said...

i thought the same thing about her hair---super cute.

Niederfam said...

Love it, the boys have been playing in the sprinklers all week too!!!!

YES, I like the messy bun TOO---but I'm thinking I'm liking it more, because I might actually be able to pull that one off, if Emery decides to have hair ever!!! ;)

Laura said...

So stinkin cute.