Saturday, August 7, 2010

Family Reunion

We had a family reunion last weekend with my mom's side of the family. It was very well organized and we had a fun time! We had a treasure hunt where we learned more about my great grandparents.

This is a house that they lived in. At each spot we went to, we were given a paper with information about a certain aspect of their lives, including a treat!

We had popsicles for this one! Each treat had meaning too.
Major and Molly were trying out each other's.

At the end of the treasure hunt, we met at the cemetery where they are buried. These special guests were representing them, Arthur and Andrea.

It wasn't only our side, but also my grandpa's siblings and their families who came. There were a lot of people and we had a great time learning more about our ancestors! This is the Andrea I was named for, so it was fun learning more about her!

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