Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy 60th Dad!

I know Dad, I'm still early and you aren't yet the big 6-0!! But we did celebrate his birthday as well as our next door neighbor, Larry's, birthdays this past weekend! They are about a month apart and both turning 60, so it was a great idea! And worth a party :)

The wives planned it and we had a great time!

I helped my mom put this banner together.

How cool are these balloons?!

The two old men :) Bruce and Larry. Larry has been a runner for ever since we've known him and a few years back he brought my dad into the runner's/hiking in the mountains fold.

Jane, Larry, Bruce and Marie

Our family at the party. Ryan and Becky, we missed you, but we'll see you soon!

The food was delicious! We had sandwiches, salads...

Cakes, fruit...
Check out the edible arrangement! Yummy!!

And the cake. Sorry I missed a shot before it was cut! "You're 60. Eat More Carrots!" Very classy. I even made a slideshow with pictures of my dad and our family (baby pics to current). It was my first time ever, but it turned out luckily!

And the guests....

Mostly neighbors and family members were invited. It was a lot of fun! While my dad wasn't a huge fan of the idea at first (since he hates any attention on him) after it was all said and done he had a really good time!

Happy 60th Birthday Dad! (On February 28th!) We love you so much! Thanks for all you do for us!

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