Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sleeping Beauty Hair

I have grand ideas/plans for Molly's hair, but she doesn't often cooperate with me! Sunday she was willing to give me a try (translation she had a toy in her hands and was distracted) so I was able to use my straightener to curl her hair!

When I finished she said, "Oh, this is Sleeping Beauty hair!" And she loved it! Now if she'll let me do it more often!!

Sometimes you can't get enough of houndstooth ;)


erinmalia said...

pro that i don't have a girl: i would never ever know how to curl hair like that!

con that i don't have a girl: holy smokes that houndstooth is gorgeous!

Brett & Sydnie said...

I meant to tell you, her outfit is so cute! Did you make it? Its awesome!

Nicole said...

Nope, didn't make it. Found it at Nordstrom Rack! From her grandma for her bday in Oct. :) I wish I could say that I did though!!

Wendy said...

Super cute! Love her hair and the outfit!