Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines and Such

Last week Molly had a birthday party for a cute friend who lives on our street. She was soo soo soo excited! And she had so much fun.

The event was at Chuck E Cheese! She had never been and I don't think I've been for ages! All I could remember was that they have pizza and arcade games.

But they also have rides! And that's where most tokens were spent that day.

Unfortunately there was only one pink horse on this ride with 3 horses. There were definitely tears spilled (Molly's first) about which little girl got to ride the pink horse.

When they got to the party they were given a princess crown and wand.

Molly and Carly, the birthday girl.

This is too cute of a picture not to share, even though, yes, Molly unfortunately peed on her own skirt. Oops! Guess mom didn't pull it down far enough!

We had a lovely Sunday dinner on Feb. 13th with family to celebrate two birthdays. My mom had quilt group the week before and left all the fun Valentine's decorations out to use for the birthday bash.

She called this the Mary Engelbreit room. She is a big fan, and the black and red was so cute!

The cookie bouquets she makes every year. So cute in the black and white pots!

Molly and Alison's Valentine's gifts. We don't usually go this big, but isn't the princess stage just too much fun? Molly is in love with Sleeping Beauty and since Alison will also be into princesses in a year or two more, we just can't help ourselves!

Here is a lovely string of faces the morning they opened the dolls. Molly doesn't have a mullet, but in this picture you can't quite tell, can you?

Ali suffers from crazy hair every morning usually :) Pretty much without fail!

Our sweet Ali Bug!
Yes, the Hanna Andersson jammies are back at Costco! I can't resist! Too cute!

Molly clearly in love!

We knew Ali could get in on the fun too. We specifically told Molly that these were for BOTH of them! And not just her :) We'll see how long she remembers that!

A Valentine from grandma and grandpa. Molly took her card around all day.

Ali just kept trying to bend hers, so we had to take it away!

Justin brought me beautiful pink roses after he had gone to the gym and even let me sleep in! It was wonderful! We ate at Olive Garden with the girls that night and had a fun time. Hope you had a fun day too!


Christine said...

Sounds like a fabulous day. Molly's pee spot cracked me up. How is potty training going by the way?

Nicole said...

She is all potty trained, we just didn't get the skirt moved quite down far enough I guess!