Saturday, February 26, 2011

Adoption for Jeff and Kathryn

I received an email this week from my friend Kathryn that I went to high school with. She and her husband Jeff are trying to adopt a baby and so I'm sharing their info in hopes that they can be successful!!

Please feel free to share their info with anyone you may know as well!!


We have some exciting news – we are trying to adopt a baby! We’ve been unable to have children on our own but are so excited to adopt and feel strongly that this is meant to be for our family.

Adopting can take many months or even years, so we are trying to be proactive in finding our baby. That’s where we need your help! Most adoptive couples find their child through networking with friends and family. Chances are that one of you knows someone or knows someone who knows someone who is considering placing her baby for adoption. We would really appreciate anything you’re willing to do to help us with our search. Some ideas are:

• Spread the word by telling your family, friends, coworkers, church members, etc.
• Send this as an email to those in your contact list
• Write something about us or share our blog link on Facebook or Twitter
• Add our blog link ( to your blog
• Share our contact information with anyone you know who may be considering adoption:
o Email:
o Phone: (404) 590-8222
o Adoption caseworker: Jenni Kuck (770) 891-8407

We are grateful to have such wonderful friends. Thank you soooo much for your help and understanding at this exciting time in our lives! Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have ANY questions.


Jeff and Kathryn said...

Thank you so much Nicole!!! xoxo

Niederfam said...

oh my heart breaks for them, they sound like an AMAING couple, I wish them the VERY best!!!!