Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring?! Yes please!

I don't want to get too excited, but today has been gorgeous here!! Molly and I went and played outside for a bit while Ali was taking a nap.

Molly was showing me her "mushroom".

She wanted me to take a picture of it. I think it's actually that itching powder stuff that falls off of our tree in balls in the backyard.

But then she didn't want me to take any pictures!

No more pictures!!

She brought out her little basket with her princesses (their house).

Onto the swings!

Don't tell the plastic surgeon, but she wanted to go high! She's not supposed to do any sort of "activity" for a month, but she's doing so much better! She's all done with a big band-aid and now has 4 skinny ones that you can see here. Also, you can probably see her tooth that got bumped.

Next onto the scooter!

She's still not quite sure how to do it, even though I showed her a bunch of times! It's tricky getting the coordination! Some neighbors gave this to her last year. Hopefully she can figure it out this summer.

Bring on more sun! We are ready!!


Mark and Ashley Pendleton said...

I'm jealous! the weather looks so nice! It's getter better here! FINALLY...Molly looks so big and cute! And you're new picture of the feet is soooooo cute! ;)

Christine said...

Her little stitches look good. I am glad she is doing well. Kids are resilient.

Emily said...

You jinxed it and brought us the snow with this post ;) Cute pictures of a cute girl- such a silly Molly not wanting her picture taken!