Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fabric Doll Carrier

Yay! I found the cutest fabric doll line of fabric and needed some! I found the doll bodies sold as a little scrap bag at a quilting store for $1. So I picked up a couple! Then I headed to a different store where I found the clothes. I had to pay full price, but they are darling and sooo worth it! I knew Molly would love them.
I ironed the dolls and their clothes to some thick fusible fleece and cut them out. Then using an old simplicity pattern of my moms, I made a bag to carry the dolls in.
I used the clear vinyl on one side to hold the dolls and their clothes.
I used blue felt on the other side to "display" the dolls where they can sort of "stick".
She likes them! There are so many outfits to choose from! You can mix and match!
Aren't they so cute?!
I'm not sure what this face is, but I think she's happy.

I made a pocket on the outside. I think I will add a cute button at some point.

Fun huh? I cut a plastic folder in half and put it in each side to make it a bit sturdier, even though they don't take up the whole space. I think this will be fun for her to take to church and keep it all together so we won't lose too many pieces.


erinmalia said...

Oh Nicole! How adorable is this?! I wonder if I could do something boy-ish just like it. It's really cute.

Niederfam said...

WOW. NICELY done. I just made felt batman masks, does that count for anything??? Emery WOULD LOVE one of those for her birthday next February!!!! ;) HINT HINT.

Melissa said...

This is so cute! Great job!

What Simplicity pattern did you use? I want to make something similar and need help...I'm not great at winging it!