Monday, July 25, 2011

Family Reunion

We had a family reunion with the Pendletons this weekend in Wyoming.  It was a full house and we had lots of people over!!  Justin's grandparents live across the street so we put half in one house and half at the other.  All of my FIL's siblings were there (minus one on a mission) and their family members who could come.

Justin reading to the girls before they went to bed.

 On the left is Justin's uncle Dave.  He had the brilliant idea to rent a karaoke machine!  It was pretty intense!  It had 18,000 songs!  It provided many, many hours of entertainment.

 Justin's brothers, Mark and Brad.

 Some of the audience watching.

 Justin's grandparents sang too!

 Molly enjoyed playing with all of her cousins and second cousins!

 Yes, even I got up.  But only in a big group!  I am definitely not a soloist!!

 Molly and her cousin Laney loved dancing with each other.

 Justin's parents singing.

 And Justin got up with his sister Sunny.

 We were pretty exhausted as you can see!

 Ali was busy as usual checking everything out.

Justin's dad and brother built this pergola (spelling?) just this past month or so!!  Very impressive!

We had a fun time.  We never get enough sleep when we go up!  Everyone wants to stay up.  I was lucky to get some naps in though!  We went to Jackson Hole one afternoon and brought a picnic and that was fun.  The girls both slept on the drive.  They are about an hour or so away, so it's not too bad.  Thanks for all the fun Val and Shelley!!


Meg said...

looks like fun!

Christine said...

I love the Karaoke idea. I bet that truly was entertaining.

I just realized I never responded to your Coney's text. I miss provo!